J. C. Charyk Inclusivity Project

Prairie Land Regional Division tasked our senior high students to solve an issue in our community through this year's Inclusivity Project. This year, Carson, Jessa and Janice decided to try and help the seniors in our community by trying to boost their mental health by feeling included, appreciated and immersed in the community. They have made it into the final round and here are some highlights from their project including Valentine's delivered to seniors at the Lodge and Long Term Care and hosting a virtual variety show as well as comments from individuals who have seen the positive impact these acts have made on the seniors.

Michelle Hoover, Hanna Lodge Events coordinator:

"With the COVID restrictions for seniors living facilities, sometimes a little reminder of the outside world is enough to brighten the residents’ day. Valentine’s Day, especially with the high percentage of widows/widowers who are in the lodge, can be a hard one. The Valentine’s cards are still (in May) being showcased in some of their rooms. As for the virtual showing of the talent show, the residents love to see new things. Watching the kids share their talents is a great way to connect them within the community. Connecting with this project has allowed for new connections between some of the oldest and youngest members in our community."

Kim Barth RT, Hanna Health Centre:

"I would like to thank the group of individuals who took the time to design and execute two well thought out projects that positively impacted our senior population residing in the Hanna Long Term Care.

Handmade Valentines were made and distributed to 61 seniors living within the facility. It was like Christmas as they excitedly looked at their very own valentine. For many, it brought them back to their own memories of childhood … cutting and pasting to make the most special cards to pass out at school. Although they did not know the senders personally, the fact that they were thought of on a day focused on love-struck couples made them feel special. Smiles and stories were shared as they showed one another their cards and so proudly tacked them on their bulletin boards.

Most recently a variety show was shown. The residents could relate as they thought of their own children, grandchildren or great grandchildren. It brought smiles and memories to their minds. They often would remember old skills they once had i.e. playing an instrument or merely remembering what it was like to be young again.

The longer the lockdown measures were in place the lonelier and more isolated they felt … from their families, friends and just as importantly their community. Your projects gave them the reassurance that they had not been forgotten and are still connected to the community despite the despair in the world. If even for a moment … you gave them happiness and unlocked past experiences that clearly gave them joy.

Thank you for including us in your project!"

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