2023 J.C. Charyk May_June Final Exam Schedule.docx.pdf

Please click on the following link to watch any and all "live" events as they are occurring: JCC Live 

If you want to watch something after the fact, please go to the JCC-Live You Tube channel or click on the following link: JCC-live You Tube Channel 

Lifetouch Customer Care Contact: 

If you have questions about your fall photos status, errors on your orders or how to place orders, please call our Lifetouch Customer Care line at 1.866.457.8212 or go to our ordering website, www.mylifetouch.ca 

Lifetouch Photography is excited to announce the launch of a new way to access photos online.

After much safety and security testing, Lifetouch developed a way for families to access their child’s photo using their student ID number.

Go to our website at www.mylifetouch.ca, click on Student ID and follow the detailed instructions to view and order photos.  

If you have any questions on this ordering process, please call the Lifetouch Customer Care Line at 1.866.457.8212 or access the live chat on our website, www.mylifetouch.ca

Parents can still access their photos online by using their child’s portrait ID and access code. By enabling the option of using your child’s student ID number, gives people another way to access photos if they lose their proof sheet. 

Please use the QR code below to order your 2022-2023 yearbook. The book is $30 plus $5 for customization.