AHS has been working hard to ensure that parents/guardians and families understand what is expected of them during the COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, they have launched a tool to provide guidance for parents of children attending school (or childcare). The tool walks through symptoms and provides information about next steps for testing and isolation, when household members need to isolate and when children can return to school. The tool is now available at ahs.ca/parentCOVIDGuide.

Please find attached three guiding documents;

1. Student does not have COVID-19 symptoms and has been identified as a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19. Please click here.

2. Student has one or more of these COVID-19 symptoms: fever, cough (new cough or worsening chronic cough), shortness of breath or difficulty breathing (new or worsening), runny nose, sore throat. Please click here.

3. Student has one or more of these COVID-19 symptoms (and none of the previous symptoms): chills, painful swallowing, stuffy nose, headache, muscle or joint ache, feeling unwell, fatigue or severe exhaustion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or unexplained loss of appetite, loss of sense of smell or taste, conjunctivitis (pink eye). Please click here.

On behalf of JCC staff I want to thank parents and students for their patience and understanding as we returned to school this week with new procedures and protocols. I felt we had a very successful week and am thankful to be back in school. For clarification, and in consultation with AHS, only students that display COVID symptoms need to stay home from school. Only when a student tests positive for COVID do his/her siblings need to isolate.


Mr. Raugust