Ms. Tara Nissen

Hello, my name is Miss Nissen. I am very excited to be working at J.C. Charyk School for the 2015-2016 school year.  I have been substitute teaching for the past year and a half in Buffalo Trail and Battle River School Districts. Previously, I have worked as a grade ¾ teacher with 35 students while a teacher was on medical leave for a few months.  I grew up in Irma, which is a small village of 450 people. I enjoy hunting, fishing, gardening, and drawing.  

My grade 5 classroom is a place where students respect each other while having fun and learning.  I enjoy a classroom where students are comfortable talking to me and ask questions.  I enjoy making learning fun by including students’ interests in lessons.  Communication between parents and myself is very important to me so that everyone knows what is going on in the classroom.  This year will be very exciting and fun for all! I am very eager to get to know everyone!

You can visit my classroom website at: